Homeward Bound

After a very emotional morning, filled with tears and consultations, my doctor and I have decided that I no longer need to be in the hospital, and I get to go home. At the very least I’ll be home for Christmas, and hopefully will be able to stay home until mid-January. My heart is swollen with happiness just picturing Buds’ face when I get to pick him up from daycare, and then next week, when I get to see first-hand how his Christmas day is.

Of course, if something goes wrong, I’ll be admitted right away, but because the girls are thriving and growing so well, the concern has dropped ever so slightly. I’ll still be spending the majority of my time here at the hospital being monitored and getting ultrasounds, but I get to go home and actually sleep in my bed. It’s been almost three weeks, and I haven’t slept more than a few hours at night since I arrived.

I’ve packed my bags, and I’m ready to go!

(I just need to wait for my husband to pick me up)

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