Belly update! Week 28


I’ve officially made it to 28 weeks and my third trimester! This was my goal so everything after today is gravy!

Our little ladies are now about the size of an eggplant and are hopefully around two pounds. I should find out tomorrow what they’re weighing now!

They’re pretty much good to go if they were born, though they would still need help. Over the next four weeks, their lungs will get stronger and they’ll be practicing their breathing in their little swimming pool as well as basically getting fatter and continuing to develop their lovely little brains.

On the adorable side, they should be able to recognize the sound of my voice and maybe even Daddy’s? 

This week has been a bit rough on us as our house is still without power, I’m hoping we can go home soon to continue getting ready for our girls and to get back to our comfy bed! Besides feeling tired and a bit achey, I feel pretty fantastic and can’t wait to meet our girls in four weeks.

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