The babies get a talking to

I’ve heard doctors and nurses say that patients are really the best advocates for their care, and as a social worker I believe wholeheartedly in that.

Today during my ultrasound I wasn’t scheduled to have growth done on the babies, and knowing that it’s been two weeks, I asked that it be done and I’m thankful I did. While both babies are now over two pounds (yay!), Twin A is 2.4 pounds, while B is 2.1. That really doesn’t seem like such a big difference, but baby B isn’t growing at the rate she was and has dropped from the 45th percentile to around the 26th, while baby A has stayed consistent. There’s a couple reasons that could happen and while that’s a significant drop, it’s not so concerning yet. I am now going to the hospital for monitoring and ultrasounds every other day. If there is no change, I am expecting to be re-admitted in the new year.

So, I sat both girls down and told B to start eating more and swimming less, and told A to stop stealing yummy amniotic fluid from her sister. So that should take care of that!

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