What’s in a name?


Ella Noël, day two


Raegan Alexandra, day 4

When we found out we were having twin girls, I would often hear from people how lucky we were because it’s so easy naming girls compared to boys.
Let me tell you, naming a person is not easy. You have to not only like a name, but think about your baby growing into an adult and what their personality will be like.

Naming our first kid was hard enough,  let alone naming twins. We didn’t want rhyming names, just two pretty girl’s names that suited them. Trying to agree on something was a whole other matter, as Jason tends to like common names, and I usually go for the more unpopular ones.

Still, we saw early on that the girls had personalities. Twin A always seemed calmer and quieter, while Twin B was feisty from the get-go. So, it gets a tad confusing with the A and B labeling, as B was actually born first.

Raegan Alexandra was born January 7th, 2014 at 7:29 PM and Ella Noël was born three minutes later at 7:32 PM.

As Raegan (Twin B) was always super feisty and mischievous,  we wanted her to have a sassy name that was also strong as she was always smaller in the womb. Her middle name, Alexandra,  is after my grandfather,  Alex.

Ella was always quieter,  and she seemed to fit a sweet, feminine name, a little in contrast to Reagan’s unisex one. Ella is also my great-grandmother’s name. Her middle name, Noël,  is a little more sentimental as I was admitted before Christmas.  As it turns out, this Christmas is one we will not soon forget, and we want our daughter to always be surrounded by the love of family and friends that comes so naturally at Christmastime.

Now, if I can make it through the teenage years without hearing how much they hate their names, I’ll be lucky.

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