Modestly immodest?

For so many reasons I am glad this was not my first pregnancy. Mostly because if it were, this experience would have been 1000 times scarier, but also because, like several mums before me, I’ve decided I just don’t care as much about all the boob flashing I’ve been doing.

After I had Buds, we were in a private room which made the fact that the nurses were constantly grabbing at my boobs and forcing me to feed him, as well as the pad checking, just that much less uncomfortable.

This pregnancy, I spent much of it with my bare stomach exposed to every passing stranger, among other parts. Moving into the hospital with a roommate effectively meant privacy did not exist. I mean, a curtain doesn’t really block things out, no matter how much one wants it too.

Doing skin to skin with the girls, means that my boobs have pretty much been seen. By everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not loving it. Especially as pumping has changed the ladies, and as I am supposed to pump every two to three hours, I am often pumping outside the house. A couple of nursing tanks and hands-free pumping bras later, pumping is easier, though Jas laughed at my pumping cover today.

Breastfeeding may be natural, but pumping isn’t and no one needs to see that. Trust me.

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