We’re seven weeks old!


Raegan, day 49

Ah, another week has flown by! The girls continue to amaze me with how big they are. Ella is now 5 pounds, 8 ounces and Raegan is not far behind, at just slightly over 5 pounds, 2 ounces. They’ll be 37 weeks gestational age Thursday and inching closer to coming home.


Ella, day 49

This week both girls are out of their incubators. Ella is in a big girl crib, while Raegan is in a cot. Not loving the cot because it’s very small, but I called dibs on the next crib that gets vacated (I have no problem being a vulture for my girls).


Raegan, day 49

The girls both passed their hearing tests, which is especially great for Ella as they had said her hearing could be damaged from the bleed. Their eyes are also doing well, though those exams don’t measure vision as much as eye growth and formation.


Ella, day 49

Ella is now being monitored by a physiotherapist who will hopefully tell us if there are any concerns and have us begin exercises. She is using a special pillow to help with her head shape and we’re starting to transition to sleeping on their backs, just like a full-term babe would.

The most exciting part of their day today was that we realized that they’re growing out of their preemie clothes!


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