We’re eleven weeks old!


Ella and Raegan, NICU day 77

Who knew one week could make such a difference? I’ve been told twins tend to be a week behind in terms of gestational age, which means the girls are pretty much right on target.

This week has been pretty exciting, with some amazing changes. Raegan is now 7 pounds, 1 ounce and Ella is 7 pounds, 4 ounces. Raegan is catching up quickly, and the girls are back on the right growth chart.


Ella, NICU day 77

Raegan took her NG tube out and as she was doing all bottles, they left it out. Ella still had hers until Monday morning, when she too pulled hers out (I sense a bit of rebelliousness in these girls already). They wanted to put the tube back in, but I pleaded for them to leave it out, knowing my girl could do it. They agreed, though were cautious and told me it would probably need to go back. It didn’t. This girl isn’t about to let them tell her what to do.


Raegan doing her carseat test, day 77

Raegan was supposed to have her carseat test yesterday, but a bunch of babies were leaving, so she didn’t get a chance. (The test is 90 uninterrupted minutes of them in the carseat, with their breathing and heart rates being monitored). I was told a good majority of babies don’t pass on the first try. Naturally, Raegan nailed it. Ella was going to have her test later in the week, but we figured what the hell and tossed her into it. Of course, proving the naysayers wrong, she did beautifully. With their tests passed, I got to turn their monitors off and unhook their leads.

To celebrate our girls, I took them for a walk in the stroller around the unit. Of course, Ella napped, while Raegan stayed alert and amazed at the new sensation. Our first walk together outside of the tummy!


Ella and Raegan's first stroll, day 77

I placed Ella on my left and Raegan on my right, and noticed that they turned toward each other, like they knew they were there! I’m curious to see if the girls could be mirror-image twins!


Raegan says "let's roll, Mama!"

The plan is to be discharged Friday after rounds, which is massively exciting and terrifying at the same time!

Bring on the chaos, ladies!

3 thoughts on “We’re eleven weeks old!

  1. It just keeps getting better 🙂 At that point my girls were 14lbs and 12lbs. They have always had a difference in weight, and now at 14 months they are 28lbs and 22lbs. But on the bright side I get to do hand-me-downs since they are difference sizes 😉

  2. I love the girls’ spirit. They’re already such fighters. And I love that they’re always proving people wrong. I hope that continues for both of them. Would it be wrong to guess they got that from their Momma?

  3. How precious!!! Mine were 5 and 6 pounds when they came home, but they felt like such big girls at that point. Amazing what you get used to! Your girls are beautiful, I’ll get my K and L praying for your E and R! And Mama too!

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