Date night!


Yes, we are so mature

We’re literally counting down the days until our baby girls are home with us (there’s been whispers of it being this week) and we just have so much last-minute stuff to do.

This weekend, Jas and I left Braeden with my parents so that we could visit the girls and then head out to grab some much needed supplies for the house and the girls. Our original plan was errands, dinner, and then a movie, but despite my strong desire to see The Muppets (we saw the last one when I was pregs with Buds, so The Muppets and I have a synched schedule), we switched it up!

After braving the mall parking lot and picking up some super exciting things for the house (garbage cans, yay!) as well as grabbing a little something for Buds from the girls, we grabbed dinner. It wasn’t until we sat down that we realized we were in the same booth as our “real” first date, and then I realized that we have come to the same restaurant at so many special moments. First date, my due date with Buds – I was totally having early labour and he was born the next day-, the night we got engaged, and now for the girls’ due/home date. Some may say we’re just boring, but I think we gravitate there for our special moments because it holds so many amazing memories. After dinner, we headed closer to home and over-stuffed our tummies with waffles and ice cream. A welcome change and a chance to actually talk to each other.

After our night out, I took Sunday off from seeing the girls. Of course, I felt terrible about it, but needed to load up on formula and their vitamins, as well as get the house ready. Their room needs one more finishing touch, but it’s ready for two sweet girls to come home, as is our room, which will house their bassinets. Jas got the stroller up and functioning, and the carseats are at the hospital, ready for their first ever car ride, outside of my tummy, of course.

This week will be filled with house cleaning and groceries, and I’m sure last minute runs as I realize I’ve forgotten something essential. We’re planning on having one last meal out, just the three of us before ultimate chaos descends upon our family. I literally cannot wait.

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