To our adoring public

We are finally ready to start making our journey home to be with our Mama and Daddy and to meet our big brother Braeden! We also can’t wait to see Twix for the first time, she apparently looks like a lion, whatever that is.

We know that there are so many people looking forward to meeting us, and we just want to let you know a few things about us.

We’re preemies. We may look like newborns, but we were born way too early, and that will effect so much of our future. It’s important to remember where we’ve come from and everything we’ve had to deal with.

We technically have two ages. Our actual age is based on our birth date. Today, we’re just over eleven weeks old! But, we will go by a “corrected” age until we are about three years old. The corrected age is based on our due date, so corrected, we’re one week!

Milestones be dammed (excuse the language, Mummy). Like all babies, we will meet milestones when we’re ready. Don’t forget our brother wasn’t walking until 14 months but was using sentences at 20. Technically, we’re close to three months, but we won’t be rolling over any time soon, since we’re developmentally one week old newborns! Please don’t compare other babies to us, or ask our Mama if we’ve started crawling, babbling, walking, and eating solids; she’ll be so excited she’ll let you know when it happens!

We started out life kind of rough and shouldn’t get sick. We know you’re super excited to meet us, cuddle us,  and play with us, but there’s lots of time to do that, so please don’t visit if you, someone in your family, or someone at work is sick. You could be contagious, and as disappointing as it is, we know you wouldn’t want us to get sick. Even though we may be bigger, there may be times when we aren’t able to go to parties or events because of the risks. The first winter for preemies can be a bit tough.

Sanitizer is your friend. Yes, we’ve heard about sanitizer stripping away good and bad bacteria, but it will help keep us from getting sick. Before you play with us, please wash and sanitize your hands. Please don’t bug our parents about this, just remember you’re helping to keep us healthy and safe!

You may have lots of thoughts on how we can grow big and strong, but we will have lots of doctors appointments where they may tell our parents certain instructions for helping us grow. Our Mama will update you on what’s happening, and please support us as our Mummy navigates different hospitals, doctors, routines, and exercises.

Finally, love us. That’s all we really need.

Can’t wait to meet you all and go on exciting adventures together!


Ella and Raegan

2 thoughts on “To our adoring public

  1. Best wishes on your new journey Little Babies! You’ve already taught your parents more than they ever thought they’d learn about inner strength and possibly Faith. Now you get to teach them a deeper appreciation for caffiene, senses of humor and the ever important power nap. The world is yours for the taking, after RSV season, of course. 🙂

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