You know I can hear you, right?

I’m not totally sure why as women start to grow a baby belly, every stranger in the world has an opinion to share. Forget about when the actual baby is born and you cannot get five feet without someone telling you what your baby wants or needs.

I accepted that with my son, and mastered the polite smile and nod. One of my friends couldn’t believe it when the cashier at the grocery store was arguing with me about why my son was cranky. She practically yelled at me that he needed to go to sleep. Umm, nope, he wanted out of the stroller and to eat dinner. Shockingly, I actually know my son pretty well.

I knew to expect the same with the girls, in addition to the “oh my God, twins!” reaction. I really wasn’t expecting the other side.

There are people who are genuinely happy to see twins; usually they have twins or are grandmas desperate for grandkids. And then there are the people who look at me in disgust and mumble something along the lines of, “uhhh twins, no thanks” , or  “better you than me”, or even better, “I would never want twins.” Well, good, because you don’t deserve them.

Now, those are just the comments when I’m out with the girls. All three kids? It’s like people’s heads are going to explode.

The looks are often accompanied by finger pointing, nudging, and comments like, “Twins and a two-year old?! Can you imagine??”

I pretend to ignore the looks, that I can’t hear what people are saying. Yes, I’m busy. Yes, my hands are full. Yes, they’re twins. No, I’m not crazy. This is our family, our life. We can’t change it now. You stopping me to ask thousands of questions or give me advice or test my sanity does not help. In fact, it gives me less time to do what I need to do and less time with my kids.

Staring at us like we’re sideshow freaks does nothing for my self esteem, let alone my son’s. Should we hoard ourselves inside the house because you  can’t imagine getting three kids under three out of the house? No, thanks, we’re having too much fun being a crazy special family.

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