Sometimes, I envy dads. They get to be the fun one and never have to deal with the drama that accompanies motherhood. I have never once heard a dad comment on another dad’s outfit, the fact that he was having another beer, or even a parenting choice. Stories are told with laughter, not judgment, even if it involves some kind of accident or near-miss.

Jas and Braeden are two peas in a pod. The kid looks like me, but is almost a carbon copy of Jason’s personality. They laugh the same way at the same jokes and have such a strong bond. When I was home with him on mat leave, he would get so excited when Daddy came home.



It’s hard not to feel a titch jealous, considering I’m the one who cleans him up, gets him dressed, makes him food, reads the parenting magazines, takes him to the doctor, plans his parties, and all the other millions of things moms do.


The first picture of Jason as a Dad after Braeden was born

Jas and I always joke around about who’s the favourite based on who Buds wants to play with or sit next to at the table.

Daddy is usually the first picked, but sometimes, every now and then, Braeden has a Mama moment, and Jason’s the one who gets a bit jealous.

Still, one of my favourite things is to watch through the kitchen window as Buds and Jason excitedly play together in the backyard, running around and laughing. There is no denying the bond the two have, and, honestly, I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Two handsome men

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