Two Close to the Heart: Baby Wearing Twins | Twiniversity

My love of writing initially lead me to start this blog. I’m not a big talker, and writing has always been easier. I love sharing my adventures with you, and airing my frustrations as I navigate mamahood.

In my constant quest for putting myself out there via my writing, I have started blogging for Twiniversity. My first blog is about babywearing twins and the uniqueness of that.

Please feel free to check out the blog on their website, and let me know what you think!

One thought on “Two Close to the Heart: Baby Wearing Twins | Twiniversity

  1. 🙂 Please forgive the stares, as you said, twins are a novelty and seeing them worn is unusual. I am sure most are from curiosity and not meant unkindly. Some must also be naked wonderment at the effort and patience you must have to parent three young children, simultaneously (hence the repetitive, hands-full comment.) You ARE super-mom!
    I didn’t even know twin carriers existed! I’m glad the girls can be snuggled up and worn at the same time. Great post!

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