You’re gonna want to see this

Having a toddler and a baby is hard, let alone having two babies. It’s almost impossible to ensure that everyone gets  equal attention. It was natural that Jason and Buds hung out together while I took care of the girls; the two of them are like two peas in a pod, and Jason really does make better train tracks than I do.

Naturally, it brings on massive mom guilt that I usually say things like “in a minute buddy” or “I just have to feed/change/soothe your sister.” I am doing my damndest to ensure that he gets Mama time and doesn’t feel left out. Sometimes that means sitting on the floor with a baby or two playing cars or trains. We also sing together constantly and read stories to the girls. I bring him on solo dates to the grocery store, which he actually loves, thankfully.

Still, it’s hard to make sure that with the doctor appointments and just general baby care that my sweet boy knows his Mama loves him and always wants to spend time with him.

Over the weekend, my parents and I had made plans to hit a splash pad with the kids. Saturday morning was rough as I had been up a bunch in the night and the girls were a bit fussy and needed lots of attention, so my parents picked up the kid and took him to the park. The hope was that I’d meet them there but if not, they’d bring him home.

Feeling like I’ve already missed so much, I busted my ass over there so I could watch him. As I suspected, he was hilarious; screaming and running to avoid the freezing cold water, playing with the toys, and even pointed out when a firetruck drove by.


Avoiding the water with Papa!

For once, I didn’t miss it and I was a regular mum standing on the sidelines watching my boy. The fun continued yesterday when the whole family, including Grandma and Papa, headed to  an indoor amusement park. Buds LOVED it and it was hilarious watching him go on rides and try new things. The boy is adventurous and literally ran around til he was pink in the face.


Train selfie!

With extra hands on deck, I even got to go on the train and carousel with my boy. The train ride was awesome as it was his third time on and he informed me when we would be going over the bridge and under the tunnel, punctuated with choo-choos throughout. On the carousel ride, he kept yelling yeehaw which made me laugh and I’m glad I got to hear it instead of hearing about it.



We’re definitely going to have to always try to ensure everyone gets special time with Mama and Daddy, and having reinforcements helps. I know that he won’t be able to remember this time, but we will and I want the memories.

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