This would be a lot easier if….

On Sunday, Jason worked alllll day (he left before 8:30 AM and didn’t get home until midnight) so I was home with the kids. The weather was awful so we were stuck inside and had some rough moments throughout the day.

I caught myself thinking at one point that it would be so much easier with just one baby.

Well, duh.

Obviously if we had just had one baby and Braeden, things would be different. Getting out of the house by myself would be easier. Just one baby to feed and change and prepare for.

Of course, if we’re going to play that game; it would be so much easier if Ella didn’t have her injury, if we didn’t have multiple doctor visits every month.

And really, it would be so much easier if we just had Braeden, or you know, no kids at all!

Easy, yes, but parenting, like life, isn’t easy. I cannot imagine my life without the kids. Sure, sometimes I fantasize about soaking up the sun on a beach by myself, but I would miss the shit out of the three musketeers.

Nothing about our girls has been easy, except – caution, cheesiness on the way – loving them. The pregnancy, birth, NICU time, and transition home have been hard. But, then, watching Buds become a big brother is amazing, and it’s hilarious when he tries to burp us like the girls. Seeing Jason outnumbered by girls (four total with the furball) is sweet and his insistence the girls will never wear make-up is just adorable.

Yes, sometimes it would be easier if we just had one newborn, but honestly, where’s the fun in that?

One thought on “This would be a lot easier if….

  1. I hear ya! Those thoughts/fantasies are totally normal. And yes — one baby would be MUCH easier, but two is more rewarding (& challenging!). My husband and I often reflect on just how much time we wasted doing nothing when we had ALL the time in the world to be that much more productive! NOW — every second counts!

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