Safe Sleep: Reducing the Risk of SIDS | Twiniversity

My second blog for Twiniversity is a much more serious one than my first. I have to say, nothing bothers me as much as seeing other parents post pictures of their wee babes surrounded by bumpers, blankets, and stuffed animals when they’re sleeping. It actually scares me and when I see those pictures, I just hope that nothing happens. Most likely nothing will, but of course, would you take the chance?

If you ever read comments people post on sleeping articles and recommendations, you will inevitably come across people who SWEAR their kids cannot sleep laying flat or that their reflux is too brutal or that they only sleep on their tummies. And, you know, I get it. I’ve been sleep deprived, too. When the girls first came home, they sometimes ended up in bed with us so I could get at least a bit of sleep. I had always sworn I’d never do that and stopped as soon as I adjusted to the sleep deprivation. I admit that it was purely for my own convenience and I always question when babies can “only” sleep in their rock and plays or bouncy chairs. Is it that when they’re put down to sleep, they cry and are immediately picked up and put in their favourite chair where they don’t cry? If a baby is allowed to get used to something and it gets taken away, of course there’s going to be a transition.

There really is no right answer. You can do everything you’re supposed to, and it could still happen to you and it’s sad and it’s horrible, but let’s remember that with the back to sleep campaign, deaths attributed to SIDS dropped 50%. I only hope that one day we can lower that number further so less parents experience the devastating loss of a child.

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