Either this is teething or we’re in the ninth circle of hell

Last night, Jas and I came home from a double date night and were stoked to hear all three kids had slept the whole time we’d been gone, thinking we were finally turning a page with Raegan. And then, 1:30 hit and it was like all hell broke loose.


Before we knew what our night had in store

Miss Raegan proceeded to spend the next five and a half hours screaming, drooling, and gnawing on her fingers. I had finally got her to go to sleep and had just let my head touch my oh so soft and comfy pillow when Miss Ella woke up crying, waking her sister in the process.

At 6 AM, they finally went to sleep and then Raegan and Braeden were both up at 8 AM. Needless to say, I was a zombie today.

We’re about 99.99% sure that both girls are teething and Raegan is just pissed about it. I’ve tried Tylenol, solids, extra solids, music,and toys to gnaw on to make her feel better and she just isn’t having it.


Ella having a snooze

Hopefully, these teeth come in soon and the drama can end. Buds had a few cranky teething days, but never gave up so much of his precious sleep, and thankfully, my precious sleep.

I am hoping tonight goes better and that we don’t have to deal with sleepless nights for every tooth that comes in. I’d hate to think that she’ll act this way at 18 when her wisdom teeth come in, but if she does, she definitely gets her crankiness from her dad.


Ella and Raegan trying avocado, hoping with full tummies, they'll sleep!

4 thoughts on “Either this is teething or we’re in the ninth circle of hell

  1. I guess there was a memo. If I don’t hold Lucy, maintain eye contact, or pay attention to her the howling and complaining starts. I broke the sleep rules and let her nap on me in the Moby today. Keeping a lookout for tooth buds, if we’re going to suffer through all this I want her to have some teeth to show for it!

  2. If all else fails, I used Hyland’s Homeopathic Teething Tablets. They are tiny, dissolve well, and and worked wonders for us. I also tried Orajel, but being numb scared one of my twins and made it much MUCH worse.

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