Alyssa and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

You know how some days just start off the wrong way and then spiral downward from there?

I guess my bad day technically started last night when in the span of thirty minutes I smashed my toe twice on the clunkiest furniture we have, resulting in a sore, swollen, and purple digit. So when I woke up this morning 45 minutes later than usual (after waking up with the girls at 5:30), I pretty much figured how the day would go.

Raegan has been a bit of a cranky pants lately and she definitely continued today; not wanting her cereal or to be put down or for me to give her sister any attention.

It was close to 11 before I could even get a chance to clean up from breakfast (theirs, I’ve pretty much given up on trying to have breakfast anymore) and the day has just basically been crap.

But, you know? Today, today I don’t care. Yes, my toe is almost certainly broken and it was not fun to have poor Raegan so pissed. But it doesn’t matter because yesterday I got the best news – no surgery for Ella! She’s doing so well that her doctor said she doesn’t need surgery or a helmet.

So while the world keeps spinning me in the opposite direction, I’ll just keep smiling because my girl is doing a-ok.

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