Well that year went by quickly

On Sunday, Jas and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary.  The biggest surprise of the day, I think, was how fast it came. Of course,  the year didn’t really speed up like in some science fiction movie, but it sure feels that way.


At our wedding; October 19, 2013

I can honestly say that most couples do not go through what we did in their entire marriage, let alone in the first year. Under all that tulle were two tiny babes, swimming along at 18 weeks. Not long after our wedding,  I went inpatient and not long after that, the girls were born.

I really feel that the best way to measure a year is in children. Buds has grown up sooo much in this one year. At the wedding he still had babyish features like chubby cheeks. If we got married now, he would entertain everyone with his stories and dancing skills. Until I looked back at the pictures, I forgot how little he was, but still adorably handsome in his purple bowtie. 


B at our wedding! A year and a half old

We didn’t go crazy celebrating the day, but we did head back to the same hotel as we were married for dinner. We haven’t been back since the wedding and it brought back a ton of memories and feelings.  We never honeymooned, my doctor wasn’t thrilled with me being so far away, and now it’s almost impossible to find time and let’s face it, babysitting. Maybe by the time we’re celebrating our tenth we will have gone on one?


First anniversary; October 19, 2014

I think ahead to next year and where the girls will be and that will really feel like a time warp. Every month I ask myself “where did the time go?” like an old lady reflecting on her life. Still, I’m glad to have a partner in crime who is also along for this crazy roller coaster ride we call life.

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