We’re ten months old!


Ella and Raegan, 10 months November 7th, 2014

Ten months and the countdown to their first birthdays is officially on. Sigh. What a year it’s been and it is flying by at incredible speeds.

At their last appointment,  Raegan weighed 16 pounds and Ella 16 and a half pounds, though they feel so different in terms of weight.  I swear Ella keeps that half a pound in her cheeks!

The girls keep getting longer and are so close to outgrowing their bucket seats which is terrifying. It’s hard enough getting everyone to the car with all our stuff without having to carry two squiggly babies to car seats in the car. In the middle of winter.  Oy.  Here’s hoping we can make it a little longer.

Raegan still cannot keep still. She loves to roll around on the floor and loves toys. She’s crawled a bit, making a bit of an advance towards her toys,  of course.  She also swan dives for any food you put in front of her and shoves it in her mouth. She has two tiny teeth on the bottom and will gnaw your hand off with them if you let her. She has two personalities: smiley dimples Raegan and screaming insane Raegan, but I love my teeny tiny girl even if she does keep me from my beauty sleep.

Ella is a babbling queen. I can hear her in her crib chatting with herself through two closed doors. That girl is LOUD. She’s still pretty calm but continues to giggle with any tickle or big smooch. She’s still struggling a bit with movement, particularly in her legs,  but her right hand is no longer constantly in a fist. She is not able to feed herself yet but absolutely loves food. The girls love them some ravioli and garlic bread and I’m so glad the days of pureés are over.

We have a new play-based program for Ella that starts next week and a follow-up eye appointment to monitor the pressure in her brain to ensure that her eye will not be damaged.

We’re starting, ok I’M starting,  to get in the Christmas spirit and cannot wait to have new traditions for our party of five.

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