The karma is gonna getcha’

The other day, the kids and I had brunch with a friend. At least, it was meant to be brunch, but after our wait it turned into lunch. Considering the wait, heat, and how packed the restaurant was, I thought we all survived pretty well. Towards the end, Raegan lost it a bit and started crying. Not howling, just regular tired baby cries. A couple at a nearby table with their two year old turned to stare and give me the oh so annoyed look. Not two minutes later, she was full on screaming at the top of her lungs and her dad had to rush her out the door.

That, ladies and gentlemen,  is karma. People in general should be understanding of crying babies, but other parents have no excuse for throwing shade.

I’m not a religious person, but I do believe in karma. You get what you give, and it’s up to you if it’s good or bad. Of course,  bad things happen to good people, and sometimes the most undeserving get life handed to them on a silver platter.

But even those of us who have struggled,  continue to struggle, catch a lucky break every now and then. There’s so much going on that it seemed like the universe wanted to bury me in its awfulness.  But, my luck literally changed overnight.  All of a sudden, I started to get fantastic surprises. They don’t make up for the bad, but when you feel like your back could break from the weight of the world, it’s amazing to escape,  relax for a moment.

I can only hope that this is the universe’s way of telling me everything will be ok. I really don’t want to get on karma’s bad side.

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