The making of a year

Since the girls were born, I’ve been taking pictures of them and keeping track of every day. After they were born ten weeks early and spent 80 days in the NICU, every day seemed special, even the days where we really didn’t do much at all.

Until the girls were born, I didn’t really get how the scariest day of your life could also be one of the happiest. Then, only a few days later, we almost lost Ella. She has spent more time with doctors and at appointments in her first year than most adults do their whole lives.

In fact, the girls have been to five hospitals this year for various services. Five hospitals in one year. But, they still smile and giggle and welcome each new day. We could really learn a few things from these ladies.

In honour of their birthdays, I compiled many of my photos to show how far the girls have come. I tear up every time I watch it because it’s been an amazing journey already, and they’re only one!

I hope that you have enjoyed being part of our adventures, and that this video brings you smiles, but I warn you in advance;  it may bring on the feels.

Preemie twins’ first year:

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