Expansion and big things coming!

I originally started Adventures With Multiples when I went inpatient while pregnant with the girls. It seemed like an easy way to share information with lots of people at once as well as work through my feelings in the best way I know how – writing.

Since then, I’ve written for other blogs and now have two pieces that will appear in a twins magazine, but Adventures is my fourth baby.

I often turn here to vent, to laugh, to cry, and to share. Now, I’m  hoping to grow my baby a bit. I’ve started a Facebook page and my Instagram has recently changed names. You’ll find out why VERY soon! In the next couple of weeks, there will be a fun announcement that will engage social media.

If this blog could be my full time job, I’d be in heaven. Until then, this is hopefully the start of something big.

Thanks for continuing to join in on our adventures and I hope you’ll join us on these other platforms to connect, share stories, photos, and anecdotes!



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