Oh is it March 20th? I hadn’t noticed


One year corrected! Ella and Raegan, March 20th, 2015 (day 438)

For most parents, there’s one special day that stands out; the day their baby was born. Maybe the due date is remembered, but rarely acknowledged beyond the parents reminiscing.

For preemie parents, there’s usually three important days; the day their baby should have been born, the day they were born, and the day they came home.

For us, there’s four dates permanently burned in my mind; my due date, March 20th, my scheduled c-section date, January 24th, the day the girls were born, January 7th, and the day they came home, March 28th.

Each of these days is special to me, though in different ways. January 24th almost feels like a dream, the coulda woulda shoulda of our prematurity story; had the girls been born then, at 32 weeks, would things have been different for Ella? Would our year together have been the same?

March 20th, our one year corrected.  The girls are officially toddlers, not babies anymore. This next year will have so many changes,  new challenges, new adventures. Only fitting for the first day of spring, right?

It is a lovely reminder that no matter how dark and gray the winter is, the flowers still bloom in the spring, the grass still grows, the birds start singing their songs again. My girls are like little flowers who amaze me with their beauty, their ability to grow through the darkest days.

So, happy first day of spring, happy one year corrected, and happy March 20th baby girls.

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