Oh is it March 20th? I hadn’t noticed

For most parents, there’s one special day that stands out; the day their baby was born. Maybe the due date is remembered, but rarely acknowledged beyond the parents reminiscing. For preemie parents, there’s usually three important days; the day their baby should have been born, the day they were born, and the day they came […]

We’re six months old!

Well that six months went by in a flash, and crazy to think we’re halfway to their first birthday already! The girls are three and a half months corrected and six months actual. Raegan is rolling onto her belly constantly but can’t figure out how to roll back, so flops around a bit like a […]

We’re five months old!

Five months! Where has the time gone? Next month is half a year already! The girls are 11 weeks corrected, which means soon we’ll be out of the fourth trimester/newborn stage and moving into infancy! They’re already interested in so much, and I love watching them see things for the first time. The girls continue […]