We’re 15 months old!


15 months! Ella and Raegan April 7, 2015

15 months! It gets more and more obvious that the girls are moving away from babyhood and into toddlerdom.


Raegan eyeballs my parents' bannister

Raegan is pretty much ready to pack a bag and move out. She’s thisclose to walking and I expect by next month’s update, she will be trotting along. For now, she’s pulling up and cruising at every chance she gets, and gets into EVERYTHING. She can stand on her own for a bit, but prefers to be on the move. She has two top molars and is getting  her bottom ones and another front bottom  tooth. That makes almost 9. Maybe more, she doesn’t really let me look. She says Mama, Dada, I did it!, yah, and wow. She’s a pretty good mimic. She still loves food and snacks. My dad couldn’t believe how many meatballs she had at Easter, but she often eats a portion size almost as big as mine yet stays so Itty Bitty.


Ella and her new Easter bunny

Ella is still my cheeky one, in that she has amazing cheeks. She also has molars; three have fully erupted and more on the way. I think she also has about 9 teeth which she loves to brush by herself. I just ordered a special seat for Ella called the ToGo chair which will allow her to sit in a grocery cart, her new wagon, or on a regular chair.  It’s  actually one of those things you take for granted  with a typically developed kid; being able to plop them in the grocery  cart. This will give Ella some more opportunities  to take part in things. Ella says her name, Mama, yum yum, hello, and woah.  She’s  also a great mimic. The Easter bunny brought the girls bunnies and she ADORES hers. She actually rolled 3/4 over to grab it Sunday night. Ella is going to be attending  a class at March of Dimes starting at the end of the month which will hopefully help her to sit up  on her own, which is my biggest goal for her right now.

We’re still waiting for daycare, sigh, so they’re still home with Mama! 


My Easter bunnies!

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