Multiplicity Spring Issue

I have to say that I love to write. I remember writing short stories and novellas when I was a kid. I even tried my hand at poetry and music. Of course, I never imagined that anyone would want to read my writing, let alone publish it.

I’m thrilled to be featured twice in the Spring Issue of Multiplicity Magazine. Seeing my name in the byline of an actual magazine is so exciting!!

And, I even have a professional headshot, done by Hayley Andoff (@handsofftheandoff on Instagram)!

This experience has reminded me of what Emily Giffin said on her book tour last year; if you write, you’re a writer. Never an aspiring writer. Writing may not pay the bills, but it’s a passion  and love of mine, and just maybe, one day, it will pay a bill or two.

Look for my articles on parenting an exceptional child and saying goodbye to the NICU here:

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