Am I just a lazy mum?

The great thing about having had Buds before the girls is that I had a pretty decent grip on motherhood before dealing with all the extra needs the girls have.

The downside is that he was the most chill baby ever who slept consistently through the night and had the same nap schedule almost from birth. He also had no problems transitioning to a cup, or using a fork, or anything else, really.

The girls are still transitioning to cups from their bottles and we’ve experimented with, say, 6 different types of cups. Straws and spouts have been hastily pushed aside and thrown on the floor. Buds would take whatever was offered. These girls will not. I caved and finally bought the kind of expensive Wow Cups which seem to be moderately acceptable to them most of the time.


Raegan's cup is almost as big as her

Sometimes I wonder if I’m just being super lazy with the girls. I tried cups around six months, but when they refused them, I didn’t push it, just left it. I figured I’d try again in a bit. Was that laziness or just sanity? Sometimes I find it hard to tell if I’m just too exhausted to forge on or if it’s actually better to wait.


Ella grabs her cup

Raegan just started getting plates with cutlery at meals which last about five minutes, and then, while staring at me, she picks up her plate and dumps it. Every time. Ella doesn’t regulate her feeding in the same way, so either I feed her or give her pieces at a time to prevent her from stuffing too much in her mouth.


Raegan digs in

The girls came home at an awkward age for Buds. At two, we should have been focused on his potty training but, instead, we had two newborns to take care of, and he’s still in diapers. I’m not super concerned about it, he’s working on it, and I’ve learned not to push him, but I think I was a bit too lazy about it. If I had scheduled it more,followed through, maybe he’d be fully potty trained, but maybe not, and I would have been more exhausted and maybe even more irate. Would it be worth it? He probably uses about $20 a month in diapers. I guess in the long run, $20 isn’t worth my sanity. Yet.


One of Raegan's glorious lunches, pre dumping

I haven’t done as many classes as I did when I was home with B, but that’s more logistics;  two babies makes it hard to participate in most classes meant for one, and a baby who can’t sit on her own while the other crawls off to create chaos makes it near impossible to participate in anything. Is that a little lazy? Maybe. Maybe I could have figured out a way to do more, but I also avoided the stares, the looks, and the feelings of being a crappy mum who has no way of dealing with two (plus) kids.

OK,  so, admittedly,  I made some choices with the girls that have been to keep things easier. Choices that I may not have made if I didn’t also have B, but I’ve also made sure the girls, and their big brother, have a pretty awesome life.

So, let’s call this one a draw.


Ahhh two sleeping beauties!

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