Battle of the Bulge Update: Month Three


Six pounds to go!

It’s the third month since rejoining Weight Watchers and the sun is finally coming out, which of course means less clothing very soon (ugh- exposed arms).

I lost 2.2 pounds last month and have 5.8 pounds (let’s round to 6) to my pre – twins weight. All of my old pants fit, but there’s definitely some muffin top happening. Thankfully, tunic tops exist.

I am for sure an emotional eater, which was my biggest problem in the NICU. I wish I was one of those people who was like “stress makes me lose my appetite” but I’m more like GIVE ME ALL THE FOODS!!

Hopefully as it gets warmer, we can spend more time outside just wandering or even playing. Now to avoid all those yummy summer treats…that’s a whole other issue!

I do occasionally have days where I cannot get my tracking done, but I’m pretty aware by now of all the points for most of what I eat and I try not to drink too many points (tea, diet coke, and water are my go-tos for zero points). Snacking remains my hardest habit to break. Why do they make junk food so tasty??!!

Uh. Onward and upward, or maybe downwards in this case?

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