Please pardon my chaotic life

So this post may sound like a long list of excuses, but I feel it’s owed given my long absence.  


Mama and Ella at our friend's first birthday!

After getting back from the trip, I was sick, then celebrated our belated Mother’s Day since I missed it, then started a new job and have been working long days and not getting home til late and there’s been so much I’ve wanted to write about, but I’ve been so busy and I’ve seriously missed writing.


Raegan crawling through the tunnel in her party dress


Bum!! 🙂

With me back at work and us still waiting for daycare spots, we have a nanny working with us. I’ve never loved the idea of a nanny, it just wasn’t for me, but one of our lovely NICU nurses recommended her and she’s been great. The girls are both doing well and have adjusted so far. Their daily trips to the park probably help with that! 


Ella and Raegan wearing their new sailor dresses from Paris

I’ve been leaving early and getting home late and haven’t seen much of the girls. When I got them from their nap Friday, they were so excited to see me, Ella kept touching my face, maybe to make sure it was really me?



My parents have been taking Ella to all her appointments lately since I’ve been at work, and they’ve all said she’s improving and getting stronger.  I’ve noticed it too; she’s reaching more and grabbing for everything. She is still arching back a lot when playing and cannot sit on her own. We keep trying all these various seats and play areas for her, but nothing’s worked yet.


Ella and Grandma at her Conductive Education class

It’s also validating to hear other people say she’s getting stronger, because I thought so, but I’m hardly a professional.



At my group Thursday night one of the kids referred to something as being retarded, and I had a massive internal reaction. We processed it, because that’s what social workers do!, and I found out he didn’t even know what the word meant. What was an emotional response in me turned into a huge teachable moment.


Buds gives Raegan a hug while playing!

I hope I can get my act together and make sure that I have time to not only write here, but my other writing as well which is so important to me and is one of my great loves.

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