Battle of the Bulge: Month Four Update


May 31, 2015 3.4 pounds to go!

So technically, this is more like month four and a half since I missed the update on the 15th with everything going on.

I must say, my Weight Watchers journey has been an interesting one this time. My weight has fluctuated up and down at random intervals. I technically only have 3.4 pounds to my pre baby weight but I must be carrying more in my belly than before the girls because although my clothes fit, they’re just slightly tighter and don’t look as great.

I thought for sure once I got back to work I would find it easier to stick to the points given I’m packing my lunch, but the late nights also mean being hungry and noshing late. Must contain myself!

My hernia makes it hard to work out, sometimes it feels fine, and other times it really hurts or is just an annoying, dull pain. Walks are scarce now that I’m not at home during the week.

It’s definitely a process that I need to figure out and I’m hopeful I can either get back into swimming or do something else once the hernia surgery is done.

On to the next month of making better choices and hopefully figuring things out!

5 thoughts on “Battle of the Bulge: Month Four Update

  1. You look great though! I’m going through a weight loss journey as well, and I totally understand the late night hunger and the sea saw weight. It’s funny, I never remember being hungry late at night when I wasn’t trying to loose weight.

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