Mama’s play date with Raegan


Itty bitty Raegan in her brother's old stroller! (Day 511)

I didn’t have to be at work as early this morning, so I stayed home with Raegan. I was going to take Ella to her Conductive Education class, but I’m sick, so decided I better avoid the other babies. I was thinking as I pushed her along in Buds’ old umbrella stroller that I rarely get alone time with Raegan. Mostly, I spend alone time with Ella at appointments and sometimes with Buds to go to the store, but rarely Raegan.


Ooh, water.

After breakfast, she was so cuddly with me, it was so nice to be able to give her all my attention. First, I took her for a walk and listened to her babbling to herself, so happy to be facing everything. Every time I peeked in at her, she would give me a huge grin.  Her little legs were crossing and uncrossing and pumping up and down. All I could see from the top of the stroller were her feet, such happy feet they made me laugh.


My view on our walk

Then, a stop at the park where we of course tried out the swings and practiced our walking. We even bumped into friends at the park!



Then, the two of us sat on the bench and had a snack (she didn’t share but I enjoyed my tea) while watching the other kids. She was mesmerized by the swings going back and forth and we sat there for about ten minutes, which is like four hours in Raegan time.



I brought her home and we played and then I got her lunch ready and it was time to go. I had to sneak out as she started to cry when she knew I was leaving.

Normally Raegan is very nonchalant but she has been so loving and cuddly lately, and I adore it. She snuggles right into me and often sucks her thumb while twirling her hair.  I mean, swoon.

I also have to say that going out with one baby is so insanely easy that I was convinced I was missing something. Here’s hoping I get more solo dates with all three minions soon!

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