We’re 17 months!


17 months! Ella and Raegan June 7, 2015 (day 515)

17 months! I can’t believe that we’re getting closer and closer to two years old and the girls’ ages no longer being corrected.

Time has flown by since the last month update. Seems like I blinked and here we are.

Surprisingly, Raegan is not walking yet, but she has taken steps on her own. She is so much like her brother who didn’t walk until 14 months. She’s scared to let go of things which was his problem too. She loves to walk with you holding her hands so maybe before next month?!


Miss Raegan

Raegan has become so super cuddly, she just flops into you and starts sucking her thumb, with her finger curved over her nose. It’s super adorable and kills me every time. She also twirls her hair so has a curl at the very top.


The Queen of silly faces!

Miss Raegan loves to scrunch her nose up and make funny faces. She’s also super chatty and has so many teeth! She wants to do what her big brother does and Lord help me, it won’t be long until she is.


Ella in her preemie power tee!

Ella has been doing really well lately in many ways. Her right hand is opened up more and she’s using it more to grab toys and food. She also claps with her hands open. Our nanny is great about doing exercises with her which she said go well.


That face though.

I’ve noticed that Ella seems to get super upset when I do her exercises with her or take her to her Conductive Education class. I’ve also noticed that she gets upset when she watches Raegan and Braeden playing together, and I think she understands that she can’t do some of the things that Raegan can. Of course how do you explain to a 17 month old what’s happening (and they’re actually only 14 months corrected.) It’s hard to see her struggle,  but she is so strong and I know she can do it.


Swing lover!

Today we also attended our NICU ‘s preemie picnic where we got to see other families we met along our journey and the staff who took care of our girls and continue to do so. It’s so nice to see everyone and get to celebrate our girls. They loved their pizza and big brother Braeden loved the trains and Lego and bouncy castle and firetruck and cookies and pizza and face painting!  Man, these kids are spoiled! Plus, Mama got her face painted too at the insistence of one three year old, but he also made me a fabulous pasta necklace that matched one he made himself,  so how could I say no?


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