We’re 18 months!


18 months! July 7, 2015

18 months! We’re officially at the halfway point to two, which I cannot believe! In January, the girls’ ages will no longer be corrected. Right now, they’re about 15 and a half months corrected.


Ella Bella, day 544 (July 6)

Ella has improved SO much in such a short time. Our nanny is absolutely amazing and does all kinds of exercises and activities with Ella. What do you expect given she was recommended to me by one of our NICU staff?! But seriously, she has Ella sitting crossed legged and playing, playing on her hands and knees, and even standing by the couch to play. I get pictures texted to me when I’m at work and it’s just amazing.


Ella in her new bath chair, day 545

Tonight when I was putting her in her jammies, Ella was baring weight on her legs. Normally, she kind of crumbles down. She is getting stronger and more adventurous every day. She is rolling around her crib, playing with her toes and all her stuffed friends, and grabbing at everything. I couldn’t be more proud of her.


Miss Raegan in the bath, day 545

Raegan is so much better from her breathing incident, thankfully. She is not yet walking by herself, but she’s getting there. The last couple mornings I’ve been home with them and when I get Raegan up, she leans over my shoulder and waves to Ella, saying “hiya!” It’s the sweetest, best thing. This morning she gave Ella one of her raisins. Their bond is undeniable and so amazing to watch from the outside.


Sleepy Raegan, day 544

Raegan is getting new words and is constantly exploring.  She escapes everything, but still sucks her thumb and twists her hair, it’s too much.

We celebrated the girls turning 18 months by visiting the NICU clinic, so the girls wore their shirts, and though they say they will be mighty, my girls ARE mighty. They’re so strong and smart and beautiful and I know they will do amazing things.

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