Battle of the Bulge: Who wants a Beachbody?

As you know, I’ve been struggling with my jelly belly since the girls were born, but you may not know that I’ve really struggled with my body since childhood.

I was always a big kid, and often teased for it. For so long I’ve told myself that I’m just meant to be fat, but I really wasn’t happy with that.

I was pretty successful with Weight Watchers my first go round; I lost 65 pounds on it, which felt amazing. This time, I found I kept stalling on the program, it just wasn’t enough for me. I needed something more.

So many of my friends have been successful doing things like Shakeology, P90X, and 21 day fixes. One of my buddies, and former work hubby, started the 21 day program and looks amazing. He’s done so well that he’s now a coach and pushed me into doing the 21 day fix Beachbody program.

I’ve finished my first week and lost 3.2 pounds and a combined 8.1 inches! IN ONE WEEK. Of course, it’s not the numbers that matter, but that’s awesome, right? !  Yes, it’s fricking hard work. It’s kick ass 30 minute workouts every day with an additional 10 minute abs workout plus a total diet overhaul.

But the thing is, I’ve done it. I’ve done every single exercise, I’ve meal planned carefully,  I’ve upped my water intake. I’m doing it. And in doing so, I’m telling those voices in my head, the ones I’ve let hold me back my whole life to just shut the fuck up.


Sweat much? After tonight's workout

If you want to join me on the fix, please contact my awesome coach Dave Fraser!! (

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