We’re 19 months old!


19 months! Ella and Raegan, August 7, 2015

19 months! So hard to believe that every day the girls are getting closer and closer to two, though right now they’re only 16 months corrected.

The girls are starting daycare in September and will start transitioning soon. What an adjustment that will be in so many ways!

Ella is reaching more and further away to grab food or toys. She leans over and swipes what she wants. She’s pretty sneaky about it, too. She has tons of teeth, tons. Some of them are super sharp-looking, but her non-menacing smile seems to help with that.


Ella enjoying a cupcake, and making a mess!

Ella has been rolling around more, playing with her toes, lifting up her legs. It’s amazing to see. We’re getting some adapted equipment for school, and it’s my hope that she will continue to get stronger while she’s there.


Ella in her bath chair, getting ready to start splashing!

Raegan is still my wild one; always on the go, never stopping. She’s not walking on her own yet but loves to walk holding hands or a toy or pushing Ella in the stroller. She stands up more on her own for longer times, so I guess we’re getting there πŸ™‚


Raegan getting ready for bed

The girls had a speech language assessment last week, and since then, Raegan has learned a few new words like cookie! And, really, that’s the most important word to know! They’re both on track for their age, and no real concerns were mentioned.


Raegan enjoying lunch at IKEA!

The girls’ nanny is the absolute best, I could not do it without her. When I’m at work, she always updates me and sends me photos and I know the girls are in the best hands. It’s still not easy to leave them, but I know they are well taken care of.


The girls playing at the playground

Next month’s update will include the transition to daycare, which will be a new adventure for us all!

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