Battle of the Bulge: 21 Fix Update

I cannot believe that it’s been six weeks since I started my first round of the 21 day fix. The time has flown by, and by default,  so has the summer. Soon, it will be September and that’s crazy! What a whirlwind year.

I also can’t believe that I’m heading into my third round of the fix and that I’m actually enjoying it. I mean, sometimes I feel like telling Autumn exactly where to shove those weights, but generally I feel pretty good about my lifestyle change. Gone are the grocery carts full of junk food and here to stay are the carts full of fresh fruit and veggies.

I’ve started doing CIZE, Shaun T’s new dance based program, in addition to doing the fix exercises and abs every day. You wouldn’t think that dancing for half an hour would be that hard, but it WORKS you. It’s insane how much sweat there is, but it’s also so much fun!

The best part is that I really feel like I’m figuring out how to be OK with myself. It’s a work in progress and sometimes I’m kind of bummed that I haven’t lost a shit ton of weight, but I’m trying to remember that I’m off the couch, I’m doing something for myself, and in turn, I’m accepting my own limitations without beating myself up about them. Before I started, I could plank for maybe 10 seconds, now I’m getting close to a minute. But those freaking burpees kill me still, and that’s OK. 

There’s definitely been results, and people have mentioned it, and others haven’t,  and that’s OK,  too, because, this is about ME. Just me. Moi. Myself. My skin is just starting to get comfy and I’m trying to get my validation from within.

But, of course you want to know the numbers, right? Who doesn’t!  The proof is in the pudding; I’m down 8.2 pounds and 23.9 inches combined in six weeks. I had to replace my workout pants twice and I’m now rocking size 10 Lululemons! Not gonna lie, I do occasionally miss me some junk food or a massive burger, and though I haven’t dipped into junk food territory  yet, when I do, it will be fine because I’m learning to enjoy life and sometimes, that includes a burger and fries. With cheese. And maybe bacon. Mmm, bacon.


Post workout. Sassy headband and all!

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