Preschool, playgrounds, and buddies


Buds and his friend and a firetruck!

I have to say, having worked with kids of all different ages, I got to have a front row seat of friendships and relationships in school settings. I can’t tell you how many girls I’ve worked with have dealt with bullying or relationship issues among their group of friends.

But, I didn’t really realize how early it starts, or how it is being a parent to a kid who tells you his friends don’t want to play with him anymore.

Buds made friends really quickly in preschool and was always talking about the same three boys. Then, one day he told us that his friend wasn’t his best friend that day, or that his friends didn’t want to play with him. Some days, he would say his friends wanted to be friends with someone else. Trying to explain to a three year old that you can have more than one friend is both heartbreaking and endearing.

But, there was always one buddy who was always Braeden’s bestie,  and I loved watching them together and hearing stories about their daytime adventures. His friend recently left preschool for kindergarten and Buds was so sad, telling me constantly how he misses him.

So, we recently got together with his friend and Buds was so excited,  he ran up to him and they played and visited firetrucks together and walked down the street holding hands and it was so sweet and lovely and I’m so glad I get to watch as he experiences life, one friend and one day at a time.



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