We’re 21 months!


21 months! Ella and Raegan, October 7, 2015

21 months…so close to two, I can’t believe it! It’s been a busy month and even a busy few days.

The girls haven’t been feeling great thanks to some daycare germs but have kept their appetites and willingness to play. Raegan was weighed today and clocks in around 22 pounds. Ella was about 21 the last time she was weighed, which is hard to believe that the Itty Bitty one could be bigger!


Raegan and Elmo, October 7

Raegan is fully walking on her own and generally looks like a drunk toddler most of the time. She has a ton of words, with her favourites now being no! and Elmo, of course. When you ask her a question, she either responds with an excited yah! or enthusiastic no! She’s been great at school, coming home dirtier than the day before.


Supporting the Blue Jays!

Raegan had her 18 month corrected appointment today at the NICU and they were super impressed with her language and walking.


Ella with her funky hair!

Ella’s language has improved so much as well, with lots of new words. She is rapidly catching up to Raegan and I think her favourite words are Ella and Mama! At least those are the words she says most often. Ella is also doing really well at school, though it’s been hard to find a good chair for her. Ella gets one on one support throughout the day that ensures she still gets to play with the other kids.


Balls are the best, Mama!

Ella is using her right hand more, but her instinct is still to use her left one first; even reaching across her body to avoid using the right. Ella has two doctors’ appointments next week including her 18 month assessment.


Getting chilly!

The girls are so close; Raegan always asks where Ella is and they love to give each other kisses and hugs every morning and before bed. Their bond is unbreakable. I can’t wait to remind them of that in the teenage years!


Bed crashing!

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