Damn right we’re going to celebrate Cerebral Palsy Day

Yesterday was World CP Day, a day where everyone wore green and hopefully learned a bit more about what cerebral palsy is, and what it isn’t.

My Facebook feed was flooded with green from other mums I know who also have children with CP and by organizations looking to promote understanding and compassion. Every one of those posts celebrated World CP Day, and essentially, cerebral palsy.

For some, the celebration of a medical condition may seem odd, but only if you look at the world in terms of can and cannot. Really, I have yet to meet a child with CP who isn’t special in ways other than their CP. Ella is the giggliest,  happiest girl with giant cheeks and a love of food. None of those things are because of her CP. That’s just her essence, what makes her her; special, unique, and amazing. All of my kids are different and hilarious and sassy and adorable. Only one has cerebral palsy.

Days like yesterday are meant to remind us that not all kids walk before their first birthday, not all kids can handle hugs, not all kids can sit up on their own, and, really and honestly, there is no such thing as a typical kid.

Every child, whether they have cerebral palsy or are on the spectrum or wear glasses or are “typically” developed, is special. Every one unique. Every one so deserving of love. Days like yesterday only serve to remind us of this.

So, we will celebrate and my daughter will always know to be proud of herself and will know we are so proud of her, and every other child who does their best and brings love to the world.

Happy World Cerebral Palsy Day!

Ella, her brother and sister, and mum and dad participated in a World CP Day video, which can be found here:

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