Born too soon

Two tiny heartbeats jump up and down
Nervous faces glance around
Mama knows something is wrong
You’ll be born before day is done

Faces appear behind white masks
Explaining their next-to-impossible tasks
Time has slowed to a crawl
Replaced by tears which begin to fall

Then, you are both here
No screams or cries to hear
Rushed away to fill your lungs
Not quite ready, though life’s begun

I’m kept away for far too long
Torn apart, couldn’t hold on
Finally, I see you in your plastic beds
With tiny pillows around your heads

Alarms and sirens begin to sound
Echoing us all around
Wires fill your plastic homes
With long tubes through your nose

Mama sits and waits and waits
To hold you now is up to fate
My empty womb feels heavy now
The loss remembered with every sound

One of you tried to say goodbye
Before I sang your lullabies
The sound of empty halls were filled
With painful thoughts as I rushed in

My babies, who were born too soon
Fighters right from the womb
Eighty days we parted ways
With thoughts and hopes of sunny days

Mama’s tears turned to smiles
With each new day taking us miles
Further from where we were,
Closer to home, and a sad heart’s cure

My babies, who were born too soon
Have learned to live, and laugh, and bloom
Mama will take the fight for you
My babies, who were born too soon.



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