Body Image After Twins: Learning to Love Yourself Again – Twiniversity

I’m excited to share my most recent piece for Twiniversity for so many reasons.

I’ve always struggled with how I look, with my body. I’ve always wondered how life would be if I were skinnier or prettier. I’m guessing most of you reading this have wondered the same about some aspect of yourself.

I’ve constantly told myself what I can’t do, so much so that I was amazed by what I can do.

I will never be skinny, and that’s not even a priority anymore, but I feel like I can talk to my girls about the way I felt about my body and how it took me 31 years to change that opinion; to give it my all and try my best. I don’t want them to wait 31 years to feel strong, powerful, or beautiful. So let’s start the conversation early, and let’s allow ourselves the belief that we can, and will, accomplish so much more than we think.

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