We’re 23 months old!


23 months! Ella and Raegan December 7, 2015

Yesterday, the girls turned 23 months and I can’t believe that in one month I will have two two-year olds!! It doesn’t seem that long ago that I brought home two tiny babies, who were already almost three months old.

What really amazes me with the girls are their different personalities, and how fast they learn things. The girls both know so many songs, it’s amazing. We love to sing Let It Go and Jingle Bells right now, but Raegan likes to sing along with the lullaby I sing them every night, a song I made up for Braeden’s bedtime routine almost four years ago.


Contemplative Raegan

Raegan is still her sassy self. She seems so teeny tiny, but as soon as you pick her up you realize she is bigger than she appears, and stronger, too. She needs to be moving constantly and is not afraid of the word no. She has been known to throw herself on the floor if you try to do anything she doesn’t want you to. Want to change her out of her jammies? She will wrestle you to the ground screaming before she agrees to take off her beloved penguin jammies.


Raegan (in her penguin jammies) and Braeden share a snack

Raegan loves her big brother sooo much. She has started calling him Brother Braeden and demands a kiss and hug before bed. The two are as thick as thieves which is sometimes hilarious and sweet and sometimes terrifying. Ella and I usually find ourselves laughing at their craziness.


Mama and Raegan before seeing Bubble Guppies!

I’m really amazed at Raegan’s language and ability to follow directions. While making dinner last night, she asked for a cracker, so I gave her one and asked her to bring one to Ella, so she trotted off saying “Ella, cracker! Ella, cracker!”


Ella swinging

Ella remains, as always, one of the happiest babies ever. Or I guess happiest toddlers is more accurate now. She loves to watch her sister and brother being silly, and loves to read books and sing songs. Ella loves to play with beads, instruments, and cars. She adores Elsa and says goodnight to the Elsa sticker on their wall every night. 


Ella playing in her walker with beads

Ella loves her walker and has taken steps forward independently in it. We currently have a borrowed walker but she will be getting her own soon – in purple! Ella also received her first AFOs  (foot orthotics) that of course have Elsa on them. She uses them in the stander and walker and will hopefully help her to build up strength in her legs and feet. Her physio noticed how much stronger she is. While she improves every day, it is getting harder and harder to carry her around and my back is suffering. Not gonna lie though, I do love the cuddles!


Ella and Raegan all gussied up to see Bubble Guppies live!

I am so proud of how far my girls have come, and I know next month will be emotional but lovely and special. Every day getting to celebrate with these brave firecrackers is incredible and I’m honoured and proud to be their mama.

One thought on “We’re 23 months old!

  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful girls! They really do grow up way too fast! My Lilly turned 2 a few weeks ago and I still can’t wrap my head around the idea that it’s been two whole years since she’s been born..

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