There’s no such thing as special needs parenting when it comes to loving our kids


Ella at her school Christmas party

When it came time for me to go back to work, the same thought circled my mind  again and again; is this the best thing for Ella? So many parents of kids with special needs or different abilities ultimately decide not to work, for any number of reasons. If it had been possible, I would have stayed home; the appointments and exercises enough to fill the days. But, I had to work and with a nanny highly recommended from a  NICU staff, I re-entered the workforce with my faith in Ella’s strength and courage.

Finally, it was time for the girls to start daycare and I was sure that lightning could not strike twice. Nightmares of Ella being left in a corner while other kids ran around her playing, or the kids asking loudly why Ella is “different.” But, her teachers have been amazing, the other kids treat her like a superstar, and all the reasons why I wanted the girls in school far outweigh any difficulties that may arise, including the constant germs.

So, when I arrived at the girls’ classroom for their Christmas party, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But, I opened the door, and though Raegan spotted me, Ella didn’t.  There, she sat in her adapted chair, clapping and singing along to the music, and so so happy. I could not hold back the tears; my sweet girl, front and centre, the life of the party. Once she saw me, the two girls had to sit on my lap and the other kids showed their parents Ella’s chair.

Thoughts of her being forgotten have evaporated; she can’t fade into the background, not because of her AFOs or her walker or her stander, but because she’s Ella, and everyone loves a superstar.


Raegan and Ella share a hug

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