To my girls on the eve of their second birthdays

Dear baby girls,

Tomorrow you turn two, and though it seems like only yesterday you were born, you are no longer babies, but becoming two strong-willed ladies. I’ve watched you grow every day, from two tiny bums on an ultrasound machine to sassy, bright eyed girls wanting to explore the world.


Raegan's hand two days after birth January 9, 2014

As your birthday comes, know that you are so special, to so many. You remain in the hearts of those you have touched – your teachers, therapists, doctors, nurses, family, and friends. There’s a reason the kids so excitedly yell your names when they see us in the neighbourhood, you allude happiness and sunshine from your very cores.


Ella, one day old January 8, 2014

Know this, today and every day, that you are strong and brave. You have fought hard, when you were smaller than most, so small that the smallest preemie diapers were too big, so small that your body could fit in my hand. Yet, you fought like Goliath, showing everyone just how much strength you have. And in doing so, made me so proud to be your Mama.


Raegan cuddling with Mama

Know that we will get through it all together, just like we did before. Together, the three of us faced every ultrasound appointment, every day living at the hospital, every heartbeat, every up, and every down. Together we have conquered appointment after appointment and we will conquer each one in the future together. We will show them exactly what we are made of, and you will help me find the strength to do so.


Three of a kind!

Know that you are kind; that you have experienced some of the worst days, the worst moments, the worst news, yet your smiles light up the room, your kindness to each other will extend to others, and you will understand those days like not many others can.


First day home from the NICU March 28, 2014

Know that you are so special; despite the odds, you made it, and your bond amazes me. You are two halves of a whole and I get to watch as you love each other and your brother so much. No one else has your story, and that is amazing. You have unique stories, and as you grow, you will learn how special you are, how unique, and how incredible that is.


One year old! January 7, 2015

Know that you are beautiful. Today and every day, you are so beautiful.  It will be harder and harder to remember that as you get older, but I will do my best as your mum to remind you and show you how to remind yourself of your inner and outer beauty. In doing so, I hope that I can remind myself of my own, because we will learn new things together, and I will learn as much from you as you will from me.


18 months old! July 7, 2015

And lastly, know that you are so loved. Every day, you are loved.  You have been loved since before you were born, and you will be loved always. You will know pain and you will hurt, but you will always be loved, by me and by so many who are lucky to know you.


Celebrating turning 2! December 2015

My sweet girls, my brave girls, my loves, my life; happy birthday to the strongest,  sassiest, happiest, silliest, sweetest girls I know. We have been to hell and back together and have come out the other side better for it, and as a family. May this year bring new adventures, new explorations, and new challenges, and may you always know your place in my heart.


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