We’re two years old!


Two years old! Ella and Raegan January 7, 2016

Just slightly over two years ago the girls were born; Raegan at 7:29 and Ella at 7:32 PM. I had no idea then the journey we were about to embark on, but I am thankful for every day.

I am always amazed at the girls and their bond. Their personalities really are as if one person were cut in half, with Raegan taking over the crazy, manic half and Ella the calm, giggly sunshine half. Together, they create one person and it’s no wonder when they’re separated they look around asking, “Ella?” “Raegan?”



Both girls woke up very happy this morning, singing each other happy birthday and Ella excitedly said, “happy birthday, Raegan!” Their love of music is infectious, with their current favourite being the alphabet song. They know all the letters and sing along. If I try to sing a different song, they say no! ABC song!  They know the words to so many songs and it warms my heart.



Ella was diagnosed with a language delay, but I don’t see it. Her language comprehension and vocabulary are amazing to me, as are Raegan’s.  For a girl who suffered a brain injury, she proves herself to be extremely resilient and smart every day. She will do big things, I know it.


Raegan opens her present!

Raegan’s favourite word right now is mine, and though she is not great with sharing, she always thinks of Ella. If Raegan asks for a cracker, she gets one for Ella too and excitedly runs it over to her.


Roly poly Ella!

Ella gets stronger every day. She sleeps on her tummy and in the morning when I ask her to roll back to Mama,  she does, then giggles. We love to get on the floor and roll around and play.


Ella ponders the meaning of life

I can’t believe that I have two year old girls with all the sass in the world. Especially when I think about how small they were when they were born. But then again, Raegan wiggled out of her huggie several times when she was less than three pounds, so I can only imagine how the next year will be, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Sleepy Raegan has a moment

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