We’re two and a half!

It seems like only yesterday that the two tiniest babies I’d ever seen squiggled in their isolettes, learning how to breathe, move, and live. In a flash, they’ve become little people, with big personalities.

Raegan may be one of the nuttiest tiny humans I’ve ever seen. She has her own flair and way of doing things, but knows how to flash those big blue eyes at you and dimples to get her way. She also likes to pick out her outfits, including jammies, tutus, and baseball caps. She loves to chase her big brother and splash in the bath and read stories and play with cars and trucks. She loves to avoid the stroller at all costs and pick out chocolate timbits for snack. She’s also incredibly active and wiggly and hilarious and cuddly and a bit crazy, but she’s Raegan. 

Ella is my voice of reason telling her siblings not to run too fast or to have a time out. She’s sassy and full of sunshine that beams out of her very core. Ella loves to sing and read stories and chit chat so much and play with babies and cars and splash in the tub. She loves the swings and snacks and giggling and calling everyone her friends.

Anytime someone talks about Raegan and her wildness; her inability to sit still, her slightly crazy attitude, her sassiness, I remind them that she was the two pound baby who wiggled around her isolette like she was on vacation. The baby who in my belly purposely swam away anytime the technician needed to measure her. Raegan has always been Raegan and I wouldn’t change one tiny curly hair on that girl’s head because she brings me endless laughter.

Ella has always been Amazing Ella, Ella Enchanted. Her spirit has always been the shiniest, happiest, most brilliant, and her strength has constantly amazed me. She continues to be so strong, every day. She uses her AFOs every day and her stander and walker. She is becoming stronger and better at sitting. Yesterday, I watched as she slowly inched forward on her hands and knees, so close to a crawl. I had tears in my eyes as she has accomplished so much and works so hard and yet is always my sunny girl. 

My two sweet girls, I love to watch as you grow and learn and I love to listen to you sing and chat to each other and laugh and giggle together; to be reminded how you once were one in my tummy and will always have such a unique bond not even I will fully know. I can’t believe you are toddlers, so full of personality, the same two girls who seemed so fragile now are so strong. Two and a half years and so many adventures, and I’m just lucky enough to be your mama. 

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