To preschool and beyond 

I had a really difficult decision to make in the spring-to keep the girls together for preschool or to separate them and place Ella in a reverse-inclusion school for kids with different abilities, or special needs. Ultimately, I decided what was best for Ella was to place her in the specialized program, even though it meant separating her from Raegan.

Ella on her first day of preschool

Just two weeks in, and I already know that I made the right decision. The daily updates from her teachers equally bring me a smile and to tears. Her teachers write about how much Ella has to say and how funny and silly she is. Ella tells me about playing with her new friends, about their birthdays. She’s playing basketball at school and going on the slide. And she’s so, so happy. Just full of joy as she talks about her day and it amazes me how smart she is and how happy she is to go to school, and how happy I am to hear her tell me about her day. 

Ella practices her walking by pushing the stroller

And, she is getting so strong. She always has been a Mighty Mouse, fighting from day one, not even three pounds, but now she is stronger and so confident and moving her legs and telling me excitedly, “I’m dancing!” or “I’m walking!” And always, always with her big grin and happy eyes. If only we could all see the world like Ella, a world where everything is exciting and awesome and new and fun. A world where even our limits are seemingly limitless. 

Ella plays at home in her stander

I worried so much; about the girls being separated, about Ella making friends, living life, being happy. But I didn’t need to because today she is learning so much, building her confidence, her strength. Today she is learning about chances and how hilarious it can be to try our best. Today, she is learning about making lemonade and being the sugar that keeps life sweet. Today, she is learning about life, and she’s teaching me all about it too.

Ella the rockstar

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