The things you never knew you could do

Yesterday I did something I never ever thought I would do; I ran a 5K race. And I know, those who run think a 5K is a trip to the grocery store, but for those of us who have never run before, it seemed a bit like climbing a mountain. 

off to the races! nervous and excited

Yesterday, after I sweated through the race and was thinking about how I never thought I’d cross that finish line, I was thinking about how far I’ve come. The biggest I’ve ever been was 255 pounds when I was pregnant with Braeden. I never thought I could do much at that size, but now, after three kids and a year and a half using Beachbody products and having a Coach and friends to push me and encourage me, I not only crossed that finish line, I soared across it and only my maturity held me back from screaming Fuck yah! as I did.

post race, finisher medal!

The best part was that I raised money for Sick Kids, a place I’ve found myself and my children more than anyone should. In fact, that thought kept creeping up on me as I nervously awaited the start of the race. I wondered how many of the people there had stories of the hospital. Friends or family who found themselves there, without anywhere else to turn. I wondered how many of the parents whose kids ran or walked with them had spent countless sleepless nights in its halls, unable to conceive that the world continued outside. I thought, too, about the babies and kids there right then. The ones who missed their first days of school. Their summers. How something as trivial as a 5K seemed so scary when we’ve already been to hell and back. 

Raegan tries the medal on for size

So, I did something I didn’t think possible when I was bigger, and even leading up to my feet hitting the pavement, I still didn’t think it was possible. But, we do the impossible every day, with friends and family cheering us on and with a little help from our neighbourhood doctors, therapists, and nurses. May we each continue to conquer our own 5Ks every day, and to look back and smile and tell Fuck yah! cause we can’t all be too mature.

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