Happy Mother’s Day, Warrior Mamas

This weekend marks Mother’s Day, a day for cards and flowers, usually. For some, though, this yearly celebration doesn’t do enough to highlight all the ways mums love, all the things mums have seen, and all the ways mums keep it going. 

We can never know another’s story, struggle. For some, Mother’s Day is a day of pampered relaxation, for others, it is a reminder of what may never be, and for many, it is forgotten, replaced by caring for others.

To all you Warrior Mamas, sitting next to your baby learning to breathe in an incubator, to all who have watched their child being wheeled away for surgery or a procedure, to all who have held a hand tightly during stitches or therapy, to all the Mamas who have sat and listened to doctors and specialists, who have googled and researched, who have pumped at 3 AM, who have birthed in tubs, in cars, in surgical suites, Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mums who do it on their own, those who have divorced or lost, to all mums with partners who feel alone, to all the mums who have yet to hold their baby, to the mums who wipe away their tears in private, the mums who get out of bed every day, to the mums who sit in hospital cafeterias, who keep track of every appointment, every medication, to the mums who cook special meals, who beg their kids to eat. 

To all the Warrior Mamas who face the world, head held high, no matter how hard it is, no matter how different life seems from what was expected. To the mums who battle cancer, illness, anxiety, disability, fear, and loneliness every day. To the mums who raise their swords so their children don’t have to, the ones whose armour is nothing more than skin. To the mums who doubt themselves, who think they are not strong, they are not warriors, I see you, I feel your battle, and you are a Warrior Mama. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the badass Warrior Mamas, may we raise our swords together, knowing we fight in solidarity. May we be brave, strong, thoughtful, and may we recognize our battles, honour our scars, and love hard and deeply so that our kids will also learn to recognize battles in others and will grow to be their own Warriors.

Happy Mother’s Day, Warrior Mamas.

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