Happy 4th Birthday, baby girls!

Today, my dear sweet girls, you turn four. You have turned the last four years into one hell of an adventure and I expect nothing less for your futures.

Four years ago today, at this time, I hadn’t yet met you. Instead, I was being prepped for my c-section; terrified of what was to come, scared for my tiny babies whose hearts weren’t beating much. But then, you came, two dark-haired warrior princesses. And through thick and thin, we’ve been together. Through the darkest of days, you have made me smile and laugh.

To Raegan, my Itty Bitty one;

Never change. Always be your eccentric, sassy, loving self. I hope your curly hair continues to grow as wild as you. You are so silly, loving, and kind and want to do everything your big brother does. Your love of pandas and babies and dolls is as fun to watch as your love of cars and trucks. You love princesses and especially the bad ass ones, which is of no surprise to me. May you continue to grow and learn. May you explore the world knowing that I will always be here to bandage your cuts and scrapes. May your smile warm other’s hearts as much as mine, and I hope your excitement for life continues to grow as you do.

You will always be my tiny fighter.

To Ella, my big hearted warrior;

May the world know your laughter more than your tears. May you find yourself growing in a place that will accept you and love you for who you are and all that you can do. You have been a fighter since birth and so empathetic to others, so kind hearted and understanding. I hope that never changes; hope your compassion and lightness of heart stays with you always as you navigate a world built to exclude you. I yearn to watch you grow and to become your own advocate more and more. I cannot wait to see you moving on your own. I hope that you always ask questions and that you love finding the answers. I can’t wait for us to explore the world together.

You will always be my big, brave girl.

I am so lucky to be your Mama, girls. My life is a whole new adventure I never saw coming but wouldn’t change for the world as I get to watch you become the people you are meant to be. I love you baby girls, my fighters from birth, my sassy monkeys, my heart. Happy birthday, girls 💕

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